Expend4Bles Movie Review: In 10 Slides

The expend4bles movie review is in 10 slides

The film leans heavily on stathams shoulders because of the tired heroes

Feeble plot the highstakes mission to stop a nefarious mercenary lacks depth and originality making it a forgettable storyline

Predictable revenge the movie follows a predictable revenge drama trope after a major characters demise

The supporting cast of the ensemble is under utilized with onedimensional characters that fail to make an impact

Stathams effort manages to shine at times with his revenge plan

Andygarcias misuse the film squanders the talents of andygarcia a masterclass in mishandling a great actor

The films script is lackluster and leaves the audience with more substance

Subpar cgi subparvisual effects and action sequences may make you cringe

Expendable entertainment expend4bles has a lot of action but it also has a lot of substance for testosteronefueled excess