6 Wins & 3 Defeats: India'S Record In Asia Cup Finals

Indias record in the asia cup finals was 6 wins and 3 losses

India bagged the title after finishing at the top of the points table

The final of the 1988 asia cup was played at the national stadium in bangladesh

The indian team won the final by 7 runs

The final of 1995 saw india beat sri lanka by 8 points

After losing three backtoback finals against india sri lanka defeated india in the 1997 asia cup final

The final of the 2004 asia cup was played on august 1 2004 and sri lanka won by 25 runs

The final of the 2008 asia cup was played in pakistan and sri lanka crushed india by 100 runs

The final of the 2010 asia cup was played on june 24 in dambulla and india won by 81 runs

India beat bangladesh in the final of the 2016 edition of the asia cup