​5 Indian Batters With More Odi Runs Than Rohit Sharma

There are 5 indian batters with more runs

A halfcentury in the asia cup is how long it will take for the 10031 runs to be accumulated

The 6th indian batter to reach 10000 runs was the second fastest to do so

In his career he accumulated a massive 18426 runs

The leading rungetter in odis is also the highestever run getter in india

The 2nd ever indian batter became the 2nd ever indian batter when he broke the 13000 run mark against pakistan in the asia cup

The indian batter who has reached the 13000 run marks in the fastest amount of time is the one who has reached the 10000 run marks

The former india captain has scored 11363 runs in his career

The current head coach of the indian team rahul dravid accumulated 10889 runs in his career

Ms dhoni is indias 5th highest run getter with 10773 runs