Power Full Top 10 Web Development Skills Should Learn in 2021

In this era of technology, everything, either it’s a small software or the most modern inventions, plays a fundamental role in the digital world. Web developers are behind these wonderful applications.

Web development seems an immensely complicated and confusing process for outsiders, due to which they change their idea and move to do another thing. But do you know about its basics, technologies, or tools used in the process, framework, and libraries? Many people answer this question No. But It’s essential for those who want to be web developers or take their skills to the next level to learn about web development skills.

A lot of peoples are confused here. What should they have to learn about web development to work as a professional? So I am here for beginners or any web developer to know about the ten crucial web development skills to learn in 2021 for their career development.

1. Frontend Languages (HTML 5, CSS):

HTML 5 is an advanced form of HTML. It is used to specify the content of your web page. HTML is the leading technology, without getting a good knowledge you can’t even develop a single web page.

CSS (Cascade Style Sheet) is another irreplaceable technology in web development. It adds style to your web page and makes it more attractive to grab the customer’s attention because the look is much important than content.

2. JavaScript and Python:

JavaScript is one of the essential languages in web development. It is used to add different behaviors to your website using HTML. JS is the only programming language that can run on both the browser and server-side. In other words, it is used to write both front-end and backend codes.

 To become a pro, get the basic knowledge of this web technology, such as learn about its functions, higher-order event delegation, closure, and prototypes.

Python is another widely used general-purpose programming language. It can be used for both front-end and backend coding. This technology helps in building control, management, testing, many other ways.

3. Backend Languages (Java, PHP):

Java and PHP are the two leading backend technologies that are used to make a website fully responsive. PHP is a server-side scripting language. It enables your website to perform routine tasks or improve its performance. PHP can be used with other languages, such as commonly its code is embedded in HTML for use.

Java is a multipurpose technology and is entirely different from JS. It is used for desktop, website, and mobile application development. Java is a widely applicable technology because it has a lot of frameworks.

4. Databases:

The most important skill that you must need to learn in web development is the database. There are millions of web applications on the internet today; every web application has a database to store its data.

You need to get enough knowledge about the Data Definition Language, Data Control Language, Data Manipulation Language, and transaction control language to work as a web developer.

It’s essential to learn about the types of databases, create tables, fetch information, and all about it. MYSQL is the most commonly used database management system in web applications.

5. Responsive Websites:

As a web developer, you should learn about responsive website design. It means your website should be adaptable to every device such as mobile, desktop, or tablet. Although it’s a task for front-end developers, most of them don’t consider it essential. But you have to take care of everything to attract your customer’s attention.

However, keep an eye on the latest website design trends and adopt them, but it’s necessary to maintain the current design trend according to the client requirements.

6. NPM (Node Package Manager):

NPM is the essential tool use for web development. Technically, It is used as a package manager for JavaScript language to provide a run time environment for server-side development. But do you know? It saves your time and requires no effort. How?

 By using this tool, you don’t need to code to create a web page. NPM enables you to use another one’s written code by just importing them and use on your website. Moreover, it helps in the installation of various packages.

7. Artificial Intelligence:

Artificial intelligence is the most up growing trend in the technological world. It enables your device to exhibit humans like behavior. Developers need to learn the latest AI algorithm and use them to develop modern websites.

It automates the various tasks, which is beneficial for web developers in problem-solving. Furthermore, AI improves the user experience with web design, chatbot, and marketing strategy.

8. Blockchain Technology:

Blockchain technology is not new to web development. It appeared in 2014 first, but now it’s commonly used. It is a decentralized system that allows fast and secure digital transactions. This versatile technology is used in mostly eCommerce stores or website by using essential API’s

So, developers need to explore the blockchain in-depth and get enough knowledge to use it in their ongoing or future eCommerce projects.

9. Automation Testing:

Testing is the essential part of any small or large project to see your developed system’s performance. It is the end stage of a project to check the product either its ready for deployment or not

Automated testing is the latest emerging technology. It’s aiming to produce a cheaper product with the best user experience. It encourages a developer to get the best testing coverage, tech problem detection, and transparency.

10. Voice Search Optimization (VSO):

In this busy age, people won’t spend more time writing the command. They prefer to speak on writing. That’s why most companies are now worried about improving their physical and digital products for voice search and voice commands.

Developers need to learn about this technology because it’s a highly demanded feature of users now. It gains extra user’s loyalty by helping them cope with routine.


So I have listed the top 10 skills that a web developer should learn in 2021. I discussed from basic to the advanced level skills. I have briefly described all of them. I hope you will find this article a perfect guide to improve your web development skills and be a professional developer.


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