What is the best WordPress cache plugin to Speed Up Your Website 2021

What is a catch?

Nowadays, all companies, either newly established or existing, require a website to expand their business online and prefer to build their websites through WordPress.

Creating a website with an eye-catching interface is easy to build by WordPress, but it’s not enough. A website installed necessary plugins and published new content to work correctly and enhance its performance, which causes your website to slow down. Your newly installed website can suffer from poor performance when you are using low-quality web hosting.

So the solution to all these troubles is to install the cache plugins on your website. It will be useful to increase your site performance and ranked it on Google. But here, the question is, what those plugins which help to speed up a website are? I have highlighted the top best WordPress cache plugins below, view them, and installed the best one.


Best WordPress Speed ​​Up Plugins.

WP Super Cache

WP is the free and best cache plugin to speed-up your website. The plugin has above 2 million active installations and the best user rating of 4.2 to 5. Additionally, the plugin prevents your server from slowing down during high traffic spikes.

It provides you with the three modes of caching: simple, expert, and WP- cache caching.  Many people like to use the first one because it’s very easy to configure and best for beginners. While the expert mode is a bit complex. To use this mode, you need some expertise and experience with coding and development.

However, the last one is used to cache content for known website users. It is perfect for those who have a well-established website with logged-in users to show custom content.


Price :: free

WP Super Cache

W3 Total Cache

W3 total cache is another most popular WP cache plugin. It is entirely free software with many extra features that you need to set up your website properly—more than one million websites trust W3 total cache.

W3 total cache features are object cache, page cache, browsing cache, cache statistic, database cache, CDN support, gzip compression, limited minification support, and many others. It’s an ideal choice for experts because beginners can find it’s a bit complicated to use.

The W3 premium version is also available, but it is only offered within the admin’s plugin interface with a $99 per year.


economical:: free

W3 Total Cache


Autoptimize is last, but it is not least a lightweight solution to enhance your WordPress blog or website’s performance. Due to numerous exciting features, it has more than one million active installations.

Other than speed up your website, it is used to minify, optimize, comprehensive scripts on WordPress websites and disable the WP emoji scripts. It is the ultimate choice for both starters and experienced developers.

Moreover, it has some extra features such as image optimization, Google fonts, async non-combined JS, compress HTML, and move the scripts to the page header or footer.

WP Rocket

WP Rocket is the top best and premium cache plugin in the market now. It is widely used due to its easy installation, one-click-no-hassle configuration, and most user-friendly cache plugin. This plugin is installed on over 100,000 sites.

It has a bundle of unique features such as built-in WooCommerce compatibility, load only necessary images instead of loading on all pages, and quick installation. It’s pricing starts from $49 for one website.

 Most of you will be thinking that why you pay for a premium plugin when there is numerous cache plugin available? Because you won’t find the extra features in free plugins.


precioreversión: from $ 49

Get WP Rocket

Swift Performance

Swift is the most reliable and stable WordPress plugin. It is more than a cache plugin because of its fantastic performance-optimizing feature. Currently, Swift Performance has more than 40k active installations.

It is the best consideration ever because when it is installed and activated, it starts working. So there is no effort required in the whole process. The plugin is compatible with WooCommerce, bbPress, and Cloudflare. Both starters and experts can use it.

General features of the cache plugin include minifying CSS/JS/HTML, reduce server response time, lazy loading, GZIP compression, browser caching, WPML support, multi-site compatibility, mobile detection, and a range of others.

Features: It 

WP Fastest Cache

WP fastest cache is another most incredible option for you to enhance your website’s performance and get more traffic. It is used to boost the web page speed and reduces the load on the server. Currently, there are more than 100k active installations of WP’s fastest cache plugin.

It’s effortless to install and use because it requires no technical knowledge to start. So it’s the best cache plugin to install for beginners.

This plugin has a bulk of HTML and CSS minification features, browsing cache, page cache, preload cache, CDN support, SSL support, GZIP compression, combine CSS/JS, and compatible with multiple languages.


Price: Free

Get WP Fastest Cache

Comet Cache

Comet cache is the advanced form of ZenCachE, with numerous modern features. Its installation and configuration is a straightforward process. You don’t need to do any additional cache settings or have enough knowledge to use it.

As I talk about its advanced features, anyone can use them free of cost. But there they also some pro-features. To get access to the pro features, you have to purchase the premium version of comet cache for $39.

It is the second fastest-growing cache plugin in the market with a wide range of features. The plugin’s fantastic features include automatic and intelligent cache clearing, client-side browser cache, RSS, RDF & Atom feed caching, page caching, and URI cache exclusion patterns.

Hyper Cache

The hyper cache is one of the lesser-known PHP WordPress caching plugins. It allows you to speed-up your website with a comfortable configuration process. According to WordPress directory status, it has more than 50k active installations.

As its configuration process is not so complicated, so it’s can be used by beginners. It doesn’t require additional cache settings. Further, this plugin optimized your bandwidth and allowed boosting your web page performance by an abundance of features.

The cache plugin’s features are CDN support, mobile-friendly cache, bbPress compatibility, and many others. It is well-suited for WordPress blogs more than eCommerce websites.

Hyper Cache


Finally, I have concluded that WordPress cache plugins are the basic need of every website. You can perform the required tasks without plugins, but it will be more time-consuming and may fry your brain.
So I hope that after reading this article, you will come to the point where you can decide which cache plugin you should use to increase the performance and speed of your website.

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